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Press Release “Web3 Law Center One of the First Web3, Crypto, NFT, and Blockchain Law Firms”

Web3 Law Center is proud to be growing and expanding our offerings as the legal industry moves toward web3. Our recent press release announcing our services highlights our mission and passion for helping educate and assist current and future attorneys.

Web3 Law Center One of the First Web3, Crypto, NFT, and Blockchain Law Firms

Web3 Law Center Promises Information, Education, and Growth Opportunities for Lawyers and Law Students


Attorneys Charles Brown, Michelle Mears, and Truett Akin are proud to announce the launch of the Web3 Law Center. After realizing the emerging need for attorneys who are knowledgeable about web3, the Web3 Law Center was created to serve as a platform for knowledge, education, and opportunity.

On the Web3 Law Center website, it states that its mission is threefold:

  • Create a community of legal and industry leaders.
  • Educate as to the various areas of law impacted by web3.
  • Offer career opportunities to the next generation of attorneys.

With web3 rapidly changing the way that users interact with the internet and complete transactions, now is the time for attorneys and law firms to strategize about how they can enter the web3 space prepared for what the future holds. Attorney Charles Brown, who is considered a thought leader on law and technology topics, says,

“Our goal in establishing the Web3 Law Center is helping law firms across North America get ahead of the inevitable learning curve.”

Attorneys Bring Decades of Legal Experience to Web3 Pioneers

Attorneys Brown, Mears, and Akin each bring their unique experience in the legal industry to this rapidly growing area of law. Together, they are providing an unprecedented platform that attorneys can use to evolve their firms and marketing strategies into the future. Michelle Mears notes,

“Web3 is a rapidly evolving area of law. The future is here and at the Web3 Law Center we are committed to facilitating legal education and services in this underrepresented area of the law.”

The Web3 Law Center is also helping to pave the way for future generations of attorneys who will undoubtedly be impacted by web3. The Web3 Law Center is offering law students complimentary memberships, career assistance, and scholarship opportunities for attendance at upcoming events. One such event is the Web3 Law Center’s inaugural event – The Web3 Law Conference – coming in April.

The laws governing Crypto, NFT, Blockchain, web3 and their impact on the legal industry are being debated now. Join the conversation at the Web3 Law Center.

Take a look at the full press release here.